Too many goals?


I started SCS for reason of improving couple of aspects of my life:
-relationship with myself
-rel with my bf
-make more money
-rel with mom
-get more fit.

I made alot of progress I believe in most of these aspects but I don’t think I am at the goal I want for neither of them.

I did work on some of them more then others but felt like I don’t want to wait to improve one of them and the rest they can wait. In the meaning of, while working on relationship with my boyfriend, I also want to produce more money! Like I felt I’m wasting time if I work just on that while I could also grow my business.
I think I have a little hard time in figuring out how to mix those 2, while improving both and without getting overwhelmed.
One of my goals this year was to grow my business to a certain point I set up for myself, but I also had a goal on being happy in my rel before making other decision. But while working on myself and my rel, I am not where I want with my business. Like I feel like I am failing with my goals, which it would not bother me failing because I set up an impossible goal, but I think I fail because of not focusing on just one think. On the other hand, I think one goal it’s not enough.
Is it ok to set up more then one big goal, and if so focus just on one, why do so feel it’s not enough and try to do several things in the same time?

Thank you very much!