Too much information

I’m in my coaching office right now with easily 60 or more self-help, coaching, metaphysical, aging, relationship, business books on the shelves. I have 13 months worth of Scholars workbooks and podcast guides. I have journals and note that I’ve printed. When I coach clients I have notes spread out across my desk in front of me. I always seem to find one more book to order from Amazon – like shiny, sparkly things. I couldn’t possibly get through them all if I took 5 years off to do it.

Often I look around at it all and want to donate everything to a local bookstore. It stressed me out to think of needing to get through them all. And then I wonder why I keep buying them when I haven’t finished what I’ve already got. I also wonder why I don’t trust myself to just be on a call with a client and not need notes in front of me.

And I’m a mindfulness meditation instructor in my community.

If I would stop consuming and just create – I’d be more successful in my coaching business. Even there – I have 7 or 8 ideas for free opt-ins and FB ads and pictures that have been edited and formatted to run the ads – but I don’t publish them because I’m forever creating more.

I tend to be this way with other things too. I’m a quilter and I keep gathering quilt fabric and patterns but don’t finish (or sometimes even start) very many.

Why don’t I stop and just work with what I’ve got? What does this say about me? I get very self-critical about it and wonder what’s the matter with me. I really want to stop consuming and start working from where I am.

C: I have 80 business & self-help books
T: My brain can’t even process and consume this much information.
F: Overwhelmed
A: I judge myself for buying so many and feel stressed about them being all over my office, but I fear getting rid of them.
R: I’m not creating my own stuff for my business.

C: I have 80 business and self-help books in my office.
T: I need to stop buying new books.
F: Critical
A: Spend time reading and consuming and not creating
R: I wonder what’s wrong with me.

How I’d like to be:

C: My coaching business
T: I trust myself to help my clients
F: Clear
A: I am present with clients when I’m coaching and know what I’m doing.
R: I’m successful, my clients are heard and I enjoy the work.

This intentional model is SO where I want to be but don’t know how to get out of my own way and stop burying myself in information.
Any help on where I begin to turn this tendency around? Thank you.