The son of a bitch that we have as president has spread a message of hate against my people (Hispanics) and as a result some people has died and my 22-year old nephew who had consensual sex with a woman of unknown age is now in jail accused of sex with a minor and labeled as a rapist, yes because fucking trump convinced his followers that all Mexicans are rapists (or drug dealers). Meanwhile the true rapist is living in the White House (well when he is not vacationing at our expense)

So I obviously recognize I need to work on cleaning out my thoughts. My unintentional model is as follows:

C: trump
T: that fucking pig from hell is causing deaths and is ruining my nephew’s life
S: hate
A: stay depressed, high anxiety, suffer and fight with people
R: Ruining my own life too

I am trying to build an intentional model but I’m so stuck and struggling to find the appropriate thought that will drive understanding, patience, and hopefully at some point optimism.

I appreciate your help. Thank you