Turning my fear of no action into massive action?

I just listened to the last call and my brain is exploding with ahaa moments around time and planning. In the moment I’m so pumped and ready to go! I sat down to write down what would be in the way of applying what I learned and the answer was me. I’m notorious for gaining tons of value and having great notes on it all. But in the end, it just stays on the paper. I have huge stacks of insanly life changing notes that I’ve never looked at again and therefore haven’t changed that direction of my life.. How do you, for example, apply action to your notes and things you learn, from say, Frank Kern when you’re in a class or being coached from him. I want this time to be different. I’ve learned wayyy to much valuable content that if I let this slip and leave it on paper, nothing will change. Hence the fear.