uh oh people pain

hi Brooke,
Now that I am determined to use my brain for hero not villain/victim, I think I begin the next stage of learning to create thoughts to build harmonious and fun relationships.

So I am writing here because I am wanting to indulge in being mad at myself for two things that happened.

C-I gave an insurance company my sisters phone number for a quote and it turned out it gave the number to many companies and these companies called about 20 times that day. Sister told me last night and said “I am supposed to be mad at you. We received 20 calls the other day and (husband) picked up and asked who they are calling for and they said you.
T – Oh no I never thought it was going to be like that. I feel so stupid. Let me pause and process
T-They are mad at me. Let me pause and process
T-I am going to lose them.Let me pause and process
T-I wish she didn’t say she was supposed to be mad at me.Let me pause and process

T-I will tell her how sorry I am
F- responsible for the problem
A-apologize telling her I had no idea
R- dealt with issue

I felt pretty bad about this, told myself I will learn from this, don’t give one number to anyone, but it was an honest innocent mistake. Could you comment on this?

Second thing, I can’t tell when I am making a good people decision or not.

I may have done something that appeared tacky and offensive :

The realtor purchased the house I paid for the inspection for, that I rejected. I had assumed he would have done an inspection. I wrote the realtor and asked him to contribute to my expense for the inspection, He explained to me he would not have done an inspection but in the spirit of things he will reimburse me. I said “sounds great”.

My sister asked me why I did that.

I thought it was fair but now in hindsight if he would not have paid for the inspection he shouldn’t reimburse mine.

So I am wondering what I should do now.

This is a simple example of how I confuse myself all the time, the right thing to do or not. Business vs. not business.

I can’t tell when I am making a good people decision or not.