As always, thank you so much for everything you do. I am loving the money work. I noticed a trend; I am very cautious when I increase my income and the money I earn. During my childhood my father went from being an executive and earning a great income to leaving that company and never being able to earn as much again. We went from being wealthy to living on my mother’s civil service income and having a lot less. For the longest time I associated the change with tons of drama and pain. I have done so much work in scholars and now I accept that I am not destined to repeat my father’s experience. I am still an underearner, because I was being very cautious and make sure I have a solid foundation before I moved to any higher earning level. My goal is to earn the value I bring to the market. I have an MBA and I am a various learner.
C: Money
T. I need to have a solid foundation and be cautious when earning more
F. Cautious
A. Take secure jobs that I am overqualified for and thus underearn. Slow to make decisions or changes. Study and take courses to improve my skills before I take a higher position, which makes me still overqualified. Have debt as an underearner.
R. Too many solid foundations that just slow me down and keeps me an underearner
C. Money
T. I can earn faster because the worst that can happen is failure and I can handle failure.
F. Committed
A. Do it scared. Create more value and put it into the word. Help as many people as I can and ask my free clients for testimonials. Convert free clients to paying clients and practice converting clients. Get website that includes way for clients to book appointment, pay online and create a waiting list.
R. I am a paid life coach earning more faster.
Ok as always, this scares the shit out of me, but I know 3 months from now I will be so glad I did this.
Much love.