I was just reading about the brain’s reaction to fairness and unfairness. Fairness triggers the reward center of the brain and unfairness triggers the region in the brain associated with disgust or fear.

In a study they showed that women have more empathy in unfair situations than men do. Men shared the pain of the “good” buy in the situation but their reward center was activated when the “bad” guy was punished.

When applying the model, I believe that interpreting something as unfair is just a thought. That thought can trigger so many different emotions which we can decide whether it serves us or not.

For example, we could see an animal being treated unfairly, feel empathy and take some action to help by donating towards an animal rights organization. Or we could feel depressed and not take any action. Or we could feel anger and want to lash out at anyone involved.

So even though our thoughts are optional, labeling something as “unfair” can yield very different results depending on how we feel and act?

Can you expand on this for me?