Upper Limit Problem or Just Doing a Piss Poor Job of Managing my Mind.

I made it through the holiday triangle from Thanksgiving to New Years Day. Lost 8# during that time. Was very pleased and excited. I was on track to make another personal goal and then this past Friday I started eating off protocol and have put on 4#.

C – Protocol
Thoughts that attributed to this –
I’ll start fresh tomorrow.
I already had sugar, I might as well eat this flour item.
Eat the rest of this so it won’t be around for my fresh start tomorrow.
Get rid of it so the temptation is no longer round. Ate it instead of just throwing it away

F – defeated
A – I eat off plan
R- gain 4 pounds

I totally went back to old diet mentality thinking. I was aware of it at the time but did not counteract it. So today is another fresh start. Part of me thinks that I’m in that space of upper limit problem.
This seems to happen every time I get to a certain goal I’ve set for myself. I end up yo-yo’ing for a while before I bust through it. How do I handle this?