Urgency and overwhelm at work, pt 2

If I could never tell myself “I don’t know where to start” again, I would have to think and believe that I always know where to start and I know exactly what to do.

I am currently working on a website project. I have received content from the client via email. I am struggling to organize it all in a way that the client will understand easily and that is efficient. Oh, I just realized the problem with this. I am trying to control something I cannot control and I am trying to figure out the perfect Actions to take to try to control the client and their actions!! I have just wasted a ton of time in confusion and overwhelm trying to figure out what to do.

If I didn’t try to take the perfect actions and I believed there were no perfect actions, and that there were only actions with results I want and actions with results I don’t want, then what I would need to think is:

T: I am willing to take the wrong actions as I figure out what works and what doesn’t work
T: I know how to help our client with this
T: I am willing for our client to misunderstand what I’m asking for and to get upset with me
T: If I knew what to do, I would gather the content off their website and send it to them in a Word doc so they can edit it easier.
T: I am willing for my boss to think that was the wrong thing to do.
T: Whether I feel overwhelmed or not is up to me
T: Whether I feel irritated or not is up to me
T: Whether I feel confused or not is up to me
T: This is going to be okay
T: I can handle this
T: This can be easy and fun
T: Nothing has gone wrong here
T: I am the one to organize this project
T: I will ask my boss about the outcome of the status call last week.