Urgency and overwhelm at work

I’m noticing more and more a sense of urgency when I am working. I feel overwhelmed because I’m thinking I don’t know where to start and I have too much to do and I might be forgetting something. I feel anxious. And then I also feel urgency to get it all done right now. I see how these thoughts are conflicting and creating confusion in my mind.

I’ve joined scholars to work on my thoughts about my job and I’ve recently accepted a new job. I see progress with my thoughts about my current job and I’d really like to not take these same patterns to my new job. I’ve been working hard on getting shit done, calendaring and September’s work. What else can I do to manage overwhelm and confusion?

C: emails in inbox
T: I don’t know where to start
F: Overwhelmed
A: procrastinate, spin in confusion
R: I don’t start anywhere

C: emails in inbox
T: once I have a plan, I’ll know what to do
F: assured
A: inbox zero my emails and put everything on the calendar. do a thought download for anything I might be missing. listen to throw away your to-do list again
R: I have a plan and I know what to do