Urgency in building my business


I’m at the beginning of building my business and I have this forever urgency that I am forever not going “fast enough”. I constantly feel like I’m behind (I guess compared to other coaches building their businesses, or where I’m “supposed to” be.) I feel so rushed to be somewhere else, I can’t stop it. I know those thoughts don’t serve me, and I am notice them all the time, but I don’t know what to do to shift them. They just seem to persist. I know that urgency doesn’t serve me in building a business, but I can’t seem to stop the feeling.

I’m noticing – this I have done. I’m trying to practice new thoughts, but I think they aren’t sticking. How can I unwind this, that there is more than enough time and more than enough money (which, there really is – I use these thoughts but they don’t slow the anxiety and urgency it seems, because I’ve been practicing them for a few weeks and feel no different.) What should I do here?