Urges and self-acceptance

Brooke said something in the call yesterday about thinking the thought, feeling the emotion but then pausing the model before doing crazy stuff. I realized that allowing urges uses this model. At some point though, I’ve chosen to believe that having an urge is a negative thing and while I’ve been allowing the urges, I’ve also been judging myself for having them in the first place and causing a cycle of more urges.
C: allowed an urge
T: I’m shouldn’t still be having these thoughts about eating off protocol – I’m such a twit
F: disappointment, frustration
A: desire to eat off protocol/buffer
R: repeat the cycle of allowing the urge, judging myself, feeling bad, wanting to buffer, allow, etc
Brooke also said yesterday that we need to accept the dark parts of who we are, and while I know that I’m choosing to view urges negatively, what she said had me thinking that maybe I should look at my urges as simply a part of who I am instead – neither good nor bad. I look at my anxiety like that now, so why not urges?
New model
C: allowed an urge
T: this is ok, there are no problems here, everything is as it should be
F: acceptance
A: allow the next urge to come as it may
R: have urges without judgment about me being a bad person
What are your thoughts?