Value of time as a new coach

How do I place a value on my time as a new coach? I’m struggling with how much my time is worth as I build my business. Most of my efforts are not producing an immediate income right now which is to be expected. And I don’t believe I have a frame of reference for how to make decisions about how to spend my time. I’ve had a couple offers for PT and FT work since quitting my corporate job. My gut says I should stay the course and just focus on building my business even though it’s not bringing in much money right now. That to go to work for anyone else means less focus on my business and therefore, less money in the long run. I’ve heard you say we should not focus on a dollar value per hour but instead focus on the value we offer and I’m not sure how to reconcile this in my brain. I want to follow you in this regard but am not sure how else to think of it. Any advice would be appreciated.