Volunteer feeling inadequate

Hi Brooke,
First thank you for my Dimond Necklace that was so nice of you.

I volunteer at the front desk at our local hospital once a week. Michelle who is a paid employee works with me. We do have down time and other employee’s I worked with usually will talk and socialize. Michelle does not which I have heard from others is the norm for her. I begin to feel uncomfortable, What am I making this mean? That I am inadequate and unsure of myself. I become intimidated by her.

Michelle may not want to socialize with volunteers because she has so many different ones in a week. Also she may not want to share her thoughts because of trust issues. My discomfort comes from my own thoughts. I sometimes can not hear people when they say the names of who they are visiting so quickly and they sometimes have to repeat to me again. There are times when they get frustrated and I begin to feel inadequate. I have worked with other volunteers when Michelle is on break and they have the same issue with visitors as me.
How do I let go of these feelings?