Want Match-husband’s criticism

I am on board with taking care of my own emotional needs. I understand hubby is just there for me to love. What I continually struggle with is my husband’s regular critiscim and put downs. My intentions are to do good things for our family and I am criticized for that. Example I made Christmas gifts for friends to save money and he called me “cheap” for not buying them. I go to hardware store for a part so he can keep working on a house project. Invariably I get the wrong screw/nut/pipe/tool etc and he calls me stupid. He even tells our son “dont get married. Women are a problem”. I tell myself this behavior is about his own insecurities but I just can’t help to feel bad and I often cry. I dont need praise all day, I just want critiscim to stop. I have asked him to stop and he justifies it by pointing out that he is right and I am wrong. How do i deal with this “want” mismatch?