wanting to create better thoughts about my accomplished goal

SCS has been such a life changing process for me, thank you. I’ve loved doing this work. I am an artist and just finished a goal (several large finished paintings) that are part of my Impossible Goal. I never would have been able to create this much consistent work without the support of SCS, and wanted to share my current model. Am I missing something here? It seems like there is a missing step between finishing my goal and the actual connected feeling of being happy about my accomplishment.

C: Paintings for publication.
T: I like some of them but not all of them
F: disappointment
A: “fix-it” approach to avoid feeling the feeling
R: disappointment about my finished goal

C: Paintings for publication.
T: Wow- I finished them.
F: self confidence
A: suspend judgement on the work until a later date
R: I finished the paintings and that was my goal.