Was I Missing The Point?

I just came into a realization and I think I was doing SCS the wrong way: I thought I was coaching myself. But I was not coaching myself into a new goal. I have a business goal that I’m struggling to achieve. And I watched all the videos on the entrepreneur course, all the money, but my self coaching sessions was just downloaded and emptying ou my brain in the morning. Managing urges for the weight loss goal, keeping my protocol and taking care of myself. But I was missing the point this whole time and I feel like the work is just beginning. I should be coaching myself in my business as well, have a topic for my self coaching sessions. So, I feel regret because I think the thought that I’ve wasted all this time that I could’ve done a better job at coaching myself. And I guess my question is what else am I missing here? What can I do to really do more on my self coaching? Thank you coaches!