We Don’t Change Who We Are

I spent the day with my nephew who was visiting from Israel.
We entered a taxi in NYC and I told the driver where we wish to go to.
He heard us talking in Hebrew and turned to me and said, ‘So you are Jewish? You know your government is the worst government and you kill Arabs and you are terrible people?’

In a moment I realized who I am dealing with and I told him, ‘Tell me everything!’

And he went on an anti Semite rant about Jews and Israelis and finally we made it to our destination and I asked him to stop.
When the screen came up and I had a choice whether to give a tip or not I paused for one second.

Part of me said, ‘Why the hell would you give a cent to this anti Semite hater?’
And the other part of me winked to my nephew who was sitting next to me all confused and afraid.
I tipped 20% and we said goodbye nicely and left the car.

My nephew asked me, ‘Why? Why did you tip him after all that he said about you and me?’ And I answered, ‘Because we don’t change who we are because of how he behaved.’

That Screenwriter