My work: my thought download: I want to be wealthy
T: I want to be wealthy
F: Shame
A: Spend what I make without planning
R: Don’t build wealth
Here’s where I run into my issue when trying to turn it around. The thought, I want to be wealthy triggers a negative feeling of shame…
But today, I got stuck on a believable thought that would turn this around….
The closest I could get is:
C: I am a doctor
T: I am proud of my ability to care for my patients
F: Pride
A: Show up with my best self, give my best to my patients
R: Good care for my patients
So, I went completely away from my feelings surrounding earning money for my profession.
These are the thought downloads that are hard for me, when I shift the topic rather than create a new thought about a difficult subject for me… i.e. money