Weight loss/ again in this loop?!

Hi Brooke and team,
this year of scs changed SO much for me! I finally managed to loose 40lbs (quite effortlessly, btw). This feels incredible. But now I realize that kind of slobbish thinking creeping back in and I would love to get some support on this.
C: I sit at my computer and snack while writing
T: I MUST have this, can’t concentrate otherwise
E: Helplessness
A: snacking while writing
R: Wiring of eating while writing is r-inforced. Weightloss stops. Weight goes up again

C: I sit at my computer
T: It’s just an urge. I’m in control, nit the urge.
E: strong
A: writing while not snacking
R: weight loss continues. I feel even stronger.

Can you help me with ways to strengthen the intentional model? Or other ideas to support myself against slipping it away.