Weight Model

First , thank you so much for doing the Diamond status! It is really what I know I need to go to the next level. I am coming to the Modelthon in January and I can’t wait to see you.

I don’t know why I really haven’t had you coach me live…but I am going to do it this month!
Should I do it on the VIP call or the live call…I am confused LOL 🙂

I am going to share one of my intentional weight models I am working on. It seems like creating a believable intentional model is empowering

C: Weight 130 lbs
T: I am willing to plan my meals ahead of time and eat only what is committed on my protocol
F; Focused Committed Determined
A: Write food plan night before;listen to archive weight call on M, Listen to Live call W and Listen to archive call F; Weekly food prep on Sunday; Eat only what is committed ahead of time – no exceptions
R – Weight 125 lbs

In 2014 I did follow a strict protocol for 9 months and ate no flour or sugar- three weighed and measured meals nothing in between and lost 50 pounds. I weighed 114 and have decided that 122-125 is a weight I think looks good on me. I have weighed 130 for the last 12 months

So what is happening is I am doing my intentional model 90% of the time. When I am not on plan it is either because I didn’t plan ahead of time or I didn’t rehearse an out to eat experience. The thoughts I am having include – I just want to eat normal and I want to have a little bit of this or that on occasion.

I want to be able to drink on occasion as well – Is it possible to weigh 125 and have exception food and a couple drinks on Friday and or Saturday??
I remember listening to one of your podcasts about you just reaching a point where you were tired of the chatter. Sometimes I think I am there too but then some fun party is coming up and I think it would be fun to eat a little and drink a little.
So the good news is because of your work I am not beating myself up as much…I used to be terrible!
I am trying to be the scientist and ask myself if what I am doing is serving me and why am I doing it?
I have started to ask myself if 130 lbs is my ok weight in order to have some exceptions and occasional drinks or will my weigh just creep up? In order to be 125 lbs will I have to have no more exceptions and occasional drinking. Could I ever want to drink at all.
There are times when I believe there is not upside to drinking.

Your thoughts ? 🙂