Weighty Issues

I’ve been doing SCS for 18 months – I can’t tell you what an impact your work (and also the work of coaches you’ve trained whose podcasts I also listen to) has had on my life and moving into emotional adulthood. I’ve revealed and improved upon things that I’ve not even realized have limited me professionally and in my relationships – so thank you. However the initial reason I joined was to lose the weight. I am twice the weight I was 15 years ago – and every time I try to use your work and apply it to make progress with my weight I either get distracted and find another place to grow – you have so much to consume!!! I try to follow a plan but never consistently do so – like not even for 24 hours. I’ve watched all your videos (perhaps all too fast?!) but I just keep falling into confusion and overwhelm. When I do thought models on it I can never figure out what the thought is behind my inaction. I want to make my September “get it done” to finally be my weight. I’m wrapped with indecision. C: I weight too much T: my health will be impacted negatively soon if I can’t take action E: Fear R: inaction – no good!! C: I didn’t follow my meal plan … again T: I have no idea why I can’t figure this out E: frustration lack of engagement R: I stay overweight and can’t realize my thin future self. I’m locked in – can you nudge me?