What if what I want probably won’t turn out great?

I love that everyone loved the Diamond call this week – it was exactly what I needed too!
I have recently separated from my husband recently due to his drinking – I know his actions can’t control how I feel but with a small baby, his drinking goes against my beliefs/boundaries/everything at the moment!
Deep down I want to stay with him, and would prefer not to be a single mother.
I have asked myself ‘what if both options turn out great?’ but I just don’t think he’s going to change his drinking, which to me means it won’t turn out great.
What’s a girl to do? What I want probably won’t turn out great – what I don’t want probably will turn out great…
I am believing the thought ‘I am in the right place for now’ but when my brain gets a hold of the future, I start to spin out about what’s next. I’m reading Pema Chodran (amazing) and trying to process my emotions of fear, grief, etc but just not sure which path to start taking steps down.