What If…

My impossible goal game is set on: write a screenplay and submit it to a contest on May 1st.

Incoming thoughts: What??? You can’t do this. Screenplays are written over periods of years. You’ll never going to make it. Even if you will write 90 pages, they will be totally unreadable, you will gain weight from the stress, this is ridiculous.

Then I thought, what if I will hire a story consultant to help me with notes?
And so I’ve reached out to one and he came with HIS own thoughts:
What??? In less than two months? Who do you think you are? Have you written anything great before? Will you be writing night and day? I can’t promise you that I will be able to read it all in time and help you with my notes. Do you know that writers spend years writing and perfecting a screenplay for a contest?

And I said – Yes, I know, but what if I COULD do it? Would you work with me?

And he said – send me three pages of your draft and I will let you know.

So I did. And he got back to me, saying – I can help you do this. But just so you know, you are writing way too many camera directions and you will have to get rid of all that and find a way to say it in the script itself.

Incoming thoughts – You see? You are a horrible writer. This guy knows this stuff. It’s terrible. You will need to start from scratch. You’ll never going to make it to May 1st. You will end up poor, lonely and homeless.

Few models after and a wink in the mirror, I chose these thoughts – He said he can help me, it probably means he saw something good there. His comment was technical and has nothing to do with the quality of my story. I am so happy I found someone who is knowledgeable and that I can learn from.
He is allowed to keep thinking that this whole idea is insane, but here’s what I know, coming May 2nd – he will be able to talk with his other students and clients and say – ‘One day a crazy writer came to me and asked me to consult her in starting and finishing a script in less than two months. You know what? She did it!’
Now all I need is to do just that!

That Screenwriter