What is “getting there” ?

This morning we (my husband and I) got a group text from our friend announcing her second pregnancy. I was truly excited to hear the news, congratulated her and also sent a video which I thought was genuinely funny. My husband after seeing the video said it was inappropriate and I shouldn’t have send it. I was like – what are you talking about ? It is funny and I don’t think anyone would call that offensive. He replied (mockingly) – Now you would do an hour of thought work to get over your thoughts, Won’t you ?
My thoughts were – I am a diamond scholar , these small things shouldn’t affect me. I don’t need thought work to feel better. I just won’t let them affect me. But here I am (sort of bummed) that I still need to work on my thoughts …
Here are my models
C: husband says – you shouldn’t have sent the video
T: yeah they might take offense
F: regret
A: push away these thoughts , judge why are they even happening to a diamond scholar , I have done the work and they shouldn’t be showing up anymore
R: I take offense with my thoughts

C: I’m thinking “I shouldn’t have sent that video”
T: I can’t believe I’m thinking this , I am a diamond scholar , this is unacceptable
F: anger
A: criticize my scs work
R: I devalued own effort

IM (this fits a bit) #1
C: same
T: I am thinking thought – they might take offense
F: awareness
A: let myself feel regret , don’t be hurry , even if it takes a whole day to process
R: I show myself that my thoughts cause my regret and not my husbands words

IM (which my brain says I should have instantly applied , I tried but my didn’t believe the thought)
C: husband said words
T: his perspective is interesting but my intention was never to hurt them
F: confident
A: have my own back, never question my actions.
R: I believe my response was perfect (because it already happened)

Right now I’m trying to practice IM#1 but how can you feel great and process regret. If I’m processing regret inside – my spirits are low , my energy is low. How do you process and still not let it affect your day ?