What It Was Like to Be Humans In the 2000s

When we no longer be here and neither our children or even their children, there will be history books and videos and audio recordings of all of us, telling what it was like to be humans in the 2000s.

We were busy with a world that had changed completely and we no longer prayed to just get any job, raise a family and survive.
We saw so many new ways to earn a living, but with that we also recognized that what got us here won’t get us there.

This was the era when mankind had to teach himself to switch from a lower brain living to a higher brain living.
On the outside we never had it better, and on the inside it was never more difficult to choose the right stuff in a world of endless distractions and temptations.

Just like any era develops its timely solutions, certain people with certain capabilities who were perhaps a bit further down the path, have opened schools, where other humans can attend classes and learn how to do today’s ‘human’ better.

Awareness, self-coaching, pausing, interrupting, and questioning our thoughts were some of the tools that replaced building a cave, making fire, hunting, or growing vegetables.

I have been a scholar student for 19 months now and today I chose to zoom out and look for a moment at the bigger picture and the role you played in it in history, and the role I played. And how sometimes it is so relieving to just take a breath and lift our eyes from our notebooks and realize, we are all just humans trying to figure out how to do us today.

Thank you.

That Screenwriter