What Next?

I just turned Diamond-SO exciting. Over the past year, I’ve quit buffering with food and alcohol, changed my thoughts about my job, turned “hopes” into realities, and overall-I’m pleased with my life. I feel blessed in so many ways-from my relationships to my job to my financial situation. And in a few weeks, I will complete the Coach Certification program and enter into the Applied track. I’m enjoying life and truly grateful for all of it-and all the little pleasures too-like pumpkin spice coffee from Trader Joes.
But there is something..in me recently that feels empty or a heaviness. I’m thinking this is more apparent as I have given up buffering. This is probably all part of the human experience. I just keep asking myself-Why are you feeling this way? And I come up with “You should just be happy, settle in and enjoy life.” I have relaxed into the empty feeling. And on the recent VIP call, Brooke coached a lady who had given up buffering and said even with all she has accomplished/achieved-she feels a sort of emptiness, lack of problem to go and solve. Do I just relax into the emptiness?