What the What?!?

Just at Modelthon (July) where we talked about people getting hooked on “Brooke Crack” and I had to share this. So … I stopped drinking with your help and have become a much more “whole” human in the process. Accepting of my humanness. My partner has had a skeptical eye on all things Brooke, mainly – he says – because of the expense. In fact, one time when your materials arrived, he dumped it in the trash. So I had to do some models on that. 😉

Anyway – so recently, I’ve been working on my thoughts on my partner and I realized I’ve constantly been “working on him”. Constantly trying to “teach” and “train” and “tweak” and “fix” and gently nudge to “make him a better version of himself”. Especially when it comes to his business. After a bit of live coaching, I stopped the fixing. I started the loving. And something fascinating happened.

First, he figured out his business and business model on his own. Without my constant ideas and nudging out of his ear, he was able to get some clarity on what he really wanted to do. Along with the clarity came a “fire” and I’ve never seen him lit up and excited about anything as this new business idea. I had been nudging him to help him find that fire – but he found it on his own, much faster/easier, once the nudging subsided. Hmmm… It’s SO, SO exciting to see just how pumped up he is every day – AND how much he’s accomplished so far. He’s loving life and his business. Without my help. 🙂

In that process, he decided he wanted to do a Membership site teaching a type of business. He knew about your Membership Site – so he asked me if he could look around to see structure ideas, how you deliver videos, coaching, etc. Not so much interested in the content, but just to see how everything was laid out. So I let him look around. I didn’t think he’d actually click “play” on any of the videos. Well, he did.

From what I’ve pieced togeher, he watched “The Model Overview” video – and then I guess watched some live coaching videos. Next thing I know, he’s in my office… excitedly telling me about CTFAR and how this is the basis of all life and how he wants to share this concept WITH the marketing/business training in his own products because of how powerful it is. Then he asked me about the Podcast – so I helped him subscribe to it – and I gave him some recommended episodes to start with. I gave him the “How to Feel Better” episode (#2) which I feel is a good model starter PLUS I snuck in Episode #11 on “The Model”. 😉

SO — He’s been listening and RE-listening to these while he’s at the gym so he “can really get this down”. Last night, he took me out to dinner and we had LONG discussions about CTFAR and all of the nuances – like keeping your T’s (even your hidden negative T’s about C’s) out of the C line. And just TODAY, he sat with me in my office and watched the phenenomenal coaching session with the woman with the gambling husband and the lady with the baby who passed away – and I think he cried. And the entire time I’m thinking… “Damn! This Brooke crack is POWERFUL STUFF!” 😉

I just had to share – because the moment I stopped trying to fix or change or help or tweak or mold or direct my partner in any way – and just love on him – he somehow found his way to CTFAR! I’m obviously not saying “Stop fixing your partner and they’ll become a self-coaching scholar” – but it’s just miraculous to me how all of this has unfolded … IN A WEEK!

Now he’s all about the model and really “getting it” and living it! And all I had to do was nothing but loving. That’s a pretty awesome return on investment. 😉

Thanks, Brooke! xo