What’s The Point To Believe Good Things?

I struggled with not being able to get any writing done before I joined scholars.
Through thoughts and emotions management, I was finally able to put myself a deadline and send out to the world a screenplay that I bled over.

All the time while I was writing, I used to do thought work and was able to truly convince myself that what I wrote is a moving story, a truly terrific piece that I would love to see on the big screen.

This week I finally sent out this screenplay to a couple of contests and today came the very first feedback from one of them.
The score was 4 out of 10. Ouuuuuuuuuuch!

I literally felt like someone just drew too much blood out of my veins.
Then I proceeded to read the feedback, which was a 3-pages long, describing both what worked and what didn’t work.

At the end of this read I sat on my bed an my brain was racing between mildly negative and super negative thoughts:

What’s the point of believing you are any good. Here, reality in your face!
I thought I am done with this screenplay. Now I may have to implement all these comments.
Clearly, I am not good. I mean, 4 out of 10!
What was I thinking to myself? I will never make it in this industry!
Something must be really wrong with me if I thought it’s actually good.
All this work for nothing.

Now, the logical and sane thing would be to lace my writing shoes back up, and do one of the following things:
1. Seek a professional help of a screenwriter coach who can help me make it better.
2. Wait to see if all other contests think the same.
3. Write the next screenplay.

I suppose getting 4 out of 10 is basically my first rejection. I was under the notion that what I offered was valuable (a moving story), and the reader who gave his feedback thought it was bad.

Now I do know I can make it mean whatever I want, but now my brain is onto me and it tells me – See what happens when you want to think positively with nothing to back it up?

Would love your help on what I should do next.