When Is It Good Enough?

I went yesterday to see an off-broadway play by a musician-turn-playwright.
He took two of his friends and they decided as musicians to put on a musical about a love story, full of wonderful songs.
At the end of the play I spoke with several people at the audience, and like me, they didn’t think much of the play. They noticed great vocal and music ability but the story itself did not move them at all.
What struck me was that this young and charismatic man, decided to put on a play. He gathered a few friends and they just went along with it and when they decided it was ready, they put it out there, for the world to judge and critic. And the criticism is that it’s not quite right, or rather ripe, something is missing there, people came out unsatisfied, they don’t recommend it to their friends.
From the charisma that this young guy had, I gathered that it won’t knock him down. He has a confident attitude of – ‘hey, I wrote the best I could write as the artist that I am now. Not good enough? On to the next…’

Should we try to finish work and send it out even when it is mediocre because for someone else it might be enough?