When It Is Gonna End

Hi Brooke, I am struggling with my life. I am a foreign physician moved to US a couple of years ago to build up my life. I have been struggling with many things here as an immigrant. I always tell myself not give up n keep going , you can make your dreams happen. Last week I got my GC approval n I can get settled n my biggest problem has solved but Now I am feeling exhausted n thinking that’s too much for me. I am far apart from my family, alone in US, couldn’t find a good relationship despite of being active to find, I am studying whole day to validate my diploma again and at the same time work too. I am thinking how I can enjoy the process of my life now, when I am thinking there is a long road in front of me about 4 yr to go through residency and get my diploma n to be able to work here. Since I have already passed 5yr to work hard to get my green card and get rid of my visa. I am in a self pity situation now. Thanks