Work and carving a space

I’m currently a lawyer. I’ve been very good adhering to a work protocol. I’ve been eating on my food protocol. I’m in LCS and the entrepreneur track is about to begin. I’m managing my thoughts most days like a total boss. Except the last few days…I can feel my brain spinning and looking for reasons to quit my law job.

I’m committed to not leaving until I love it, which I’ve done over the last year since you coached me on this. I’ve been showing up excellent and that’s been rewarded with a raise and a promotion.

But now I want to crave out more space for my coaching practice and have my law job be the second thing that goes on my calendar.

So here is the most recent model
C: client asked me to object to petition and cited a case
T: no fucking way I’m getting sanctioned; I’d rather quit
F: frustrated
A: not respond to emails, ruminate, avoid posting coaching stuff on social media bc they will see it, throw a tantrum
R: quit a little on my commitment to excellence

I’m having difficulty reconciling showing up excellent before I leave and a strong desire to flip everyone the bird and just bounce. I obviously wont do that, but the desire is stronger than my desire to overeat. Lol

Please help!