Work Drama

Whenever I ask in Diamond Ask Brooke, I feel like my question should be deeper. Haha.

Today I overheard a director where I work (not my supervisor, but someone in a superior position) make a comment about me … “Well we pay her way too much.” I have many thoughts about how this person hates me. She doesn’t include me in anything. She has requested that I be transferred. I know these are all just thoughts. I am not sure why it bothers me so much except maybe that I feel like it means something about my quality and worth that she doesn’t like me? I actually did some tutoring with one of your coaches on my thinking at work about not feeling valued at work in general and had moved to the thought “I value what I do.” After I overheard this comment today, I’m back in unworthy land.

C: Director’s comment
T: She’s probably right and I’m not worth it.
F: Unworthy
A: Not focusing at work
R: Low productivity at work (totally proving her right)

I am having trouble changing how I’m thinking about this and I think it’s probably because I’m really trying to think positively about her “negative” comment. I need to try and figure out how to make her neutral in my mind. The thought model I can believe right now:
C: Director’s comment
T: I’m so lucky that she doesn’t decide how much I get paid!
F: Grateful
A: Working (for myself and the person who pays me)
R: Productive day