Work Judgment

Hi Brooke,

I took off of work today because I felt like I couldn’t have my depressed feelings and depressed models (c-depression, scheduled work day, work meeting with colleagues; T – I can’t pretend to be happy; F – depressed; A – shut down at lunch, distract myself, cry in the bathroom, talk animatedly; R – I pretend to be happy in front of others and cry with myself) AND be productive at work. I want to learn how to give myself space to feel and still feel like I am safe at work, that I’m being productive. Do you have any experience feeling depressed and still showing up for your scheduled events? I want to have a preliminary answer since this is Diamond Ask Brooke, and to remember that I can choose a new model that includes compassion about depression. Here’s what I’m thinking of:

C – depression, scheduled work day, work meeting with a colleague
T – It serves me to learn how to create space for this feeling right now
F – supported
A – show up, locate the feeling in my body, open up to it and to my life in front of me, work and feel simultaneously
R – I create flow and fusion with a depressed feeling, become a skilled worker as I feel my pain

I want to feel supported because I’ve already indulged in sadness and even indulged in feeling depressed. Now I just want to realize that it is a circumstance and make it serve me…