Work, but no results

Hi Brooke-

I have made a ton of progress this last year, particularly in my mental health. But I have some sticking points that I am still struggling with. I am a screenwriter and I can outline my story, develop my characters, do detailed scene descriptions- all the prep work, but I don’t have finished, polished scripts to submit. Here’s where I’m at:

C- Day-to-Day Writing Schedule
T- I have so much faith in my future success (ability to make $ as a writer), what if I’m horribly wrong?
F- Failure, Embarrassed, Stupid
A- Work but don’t finish
R- Nothing I can submit to agents, managers, producers

I know I’m failing ahead of time here, and I am struggling to create new thoughts that get me through my daily writing goals. I can believe the big picture but I am too loose with the daily work (and I work HARD when I work for $ and others). Here’s what I can currently believe sort of:

C- day-to-day writing
T- Daily work will take you to your big goals faster than anything else
F- Belief, Determination
A- I’m going to write now instead of doing this
R- Complete my writing goal of the day and prep for the next

I keep thinking about a quote from Sen Eugene McCarthy who said Americans can swallow a tiger whole, but choke on the crumbs. I feel like I’m choking on crumbs (but would also be willing to swallow a tiger whole). What do you think? Happy New Year!