My impossible goal was make $1 million in 2018 without excessive work hours. You coached me on a VIP call about only working certain hours. I have a successful law practice I run single handedly. I’m scheduled to take your coach training this year. I don’t want to reduce my income. My idea was to compress my Law practice hours to give me time to do website, develop content, etc.for coaching. Then my mind switches up the goal. Maybe I should apply the coaching business podcast strategies for the Law practice to make my website better, create opt in, and get more business. I’ve heard you advise others to double their current business and wait for the training to start coaching. Either way I keep spending almost all my time on the Law practice. I do listen to scholars and podcasts while commuting to court.

C clients pay me to get them divorced
T I can’t make the same money in fewer hours
F defeated
A keep working the same way
R little time spent on new endeavor

C clients pay me to get them divorced
T clients pay me to get them divorced
F confident/capable
A work cases in less time or at higher cost
R same $ in fewer hours

The second model feels a little flat. Maybe models aren’t the answer. Maybe working on coaching activities prior to coaching ones. I’m frustrated I keep getting stuck in same loop of thought and same actions. Thoughts?