Worry as the "A"

I’d like some help managing worry. I’ve learned recently that worry, for me, is beyond the F-line. Unlike anxiety, which feels like a vibration in my body, worry is an ACTION I take. When I worry, I spend time and energy indulging in it, as an action.For example, I might go down a “rabbit hole” and google all about the thing I’m worrying about. It literally takes time out of my day to worry.

And I’m worrying a lot lately. Primarily my brain loves to go to “worst case scenarios” of all sorts of things that are not usually likely, but seem really important at the time.

I believe I’m doing this as a buffer — so, indulging in worry is actually an action I’m taking so that I DON’T have to take action somewhere else in my life. Like my business, my health, my weight loss, etc.

I’m sort of calling myself out on my own B.S. but now what? I’ve tried to come from the place of awareness and allowance of “worry” but I’m missing a component here. Because worry is ruminating, stewing, taking time… I don’t want to “allow” it – in the sense that it’s an indulgent thing to do in the first place. But, I can’t see to just say “no, I’m not doing this” either.

Thanks for the help!