Writing Is A Torture?

I recently became a Diamond scholar.
I used the first year to lose weight and with great success. I am 50 pounds lighter and never felt or looked better.
Now it’s time to tackle another impossible goal for myself and I am ready to dedicate the second year for it. I would like to write a film screenplay.
This has been a dream I have been avoiding all the time.
Every interview I read with a screenwriter, they all say how difficult it is, how it doesn’t get better, and how tortured they are.
Then suddenly yesterday I came across an interview with a very successful screenwriter who said: ‘It might sound arrogant but early on I decided that I can write as good as anyone else. I don’t experience writer’s block and writing is not difficult for me. I write it properly the first draft and I decide that it’s good enough.’

I remember at first thinking to myself, ‘well, it sure is arrogant. Who does he think he is?’
But then I thought some more and said, who cares? It gets him to write, thinking this way. He is already a prolific screenwriter who sold many many screenplays and clearly thinking this way serves him.’

Then there are other screenwriters who also sold their screenplays by thinking that it’s torture.

So writing is a torture is not an absolute truth?