Yearning – follow-up

Dear Brooke,

In reply to my recent question about yearning you replied “If you did know, if ‘I don’t know wasn’t an option, what would you be doing already? Start working on that one – the way you are going to find out is by taking action and modifying and creating and then doing more of that.”

My response to “If I did know” was….
If the main goal is to make money quickly I’d go back into marketing but in an entrepreneur capacity working from home, as I got established I could move toward doing more worthwhile/meaningful projects
If the goal is to do the most good possible, I’d look for a role with specific charitable organisations I know are making big impact – there’s a position open right now, it’ll earn peanuts but do good.
If the goal is fun I’d try something I’m really drawn to, applying for coach training and making children’s books. I may also take the child counselling class that’s upcoming.

I’m glad to have these ideas clearly in front of me but they lead in very different directions. I want to choose ‘fun’ but the sensible part of me says I need to pick the first option. Would you agree? Thank you Brooke!