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What I had not been able to overcome with three years of therapy and five therapists, Get Coached taught me in less than a month. I learned I could handle the emotions, I could examine my thoughts, I could create new thoughts and new results. I didn’t have to rely on anyone else to walk me through it.

Samantha Carlsen

We have been coaching for over 20 years.

Our tools are the standard for helping you make changes fast. We use a very unique process called the Coaching Model that you won’t get from any other coaching membership. We know you will love it and see the power of it immediately by the results it creates in your life.

Our coaches are the best in the industry.

Our training and certification program is rigorous and our coaches are all hand-selected to be able to coach you on any topic you are dealing with using our Coaching Model. They know how to hold space with non-judgment and unconditional acceptance. We hold ourselves to the highest level of professionalism, but we also make it fun.

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