a bit overexcited to step on the scale?

I’ve been doing no sugar no flour protocol since the beginning of the month, but my real work has been with just honouring my word to myself by planning ahead of time and following through. So, one day this week I really stuck strictly to my protocol, didn’t take second helpings, respected my plan even when it meant saying no to things. That night, my thought was, “I can’t wait to weigh myself tomorrow to see how well I’ve done!” My question is: is this a dangerous thought to have, kind of the opposite extreme of beating oneself up?

My feeling I’ve been recording most often as part of the scale work has been “disappointment”…I don’t beat myself up, but I’ve been disappointed in myself and my progress. It was a bit odd to hear myself feeling excitement about jumping on the scale that morning, and I don’t know whether I should be working to feeling completely neutral about the scale or encourage my own excitement with staying on protocol and the weight loss that I’m sure will come as a result?