Afraid of Feeling without Results

One of my main roadblocks in putting in the work, going through the discomfort of feeling my emotions and my hunger and still not losing weight. During quarantine I have attempted to lose weight several times. But I would go a week putting in tons of effort and have the needle on the scale either not move at all or actually move up. This just caused me to want to throw in the towel every time and then I would binge and gain more weight. Today I finally tipped the scale at 200 pounds. I’m disgusted but also determined. I’m a coach and I want to stand on the stage at mastermind next year and give a talk to all the coaches wearing a pink dress that I bought but can’t fit into. But because of my frustration of feeling like things just aren’t working for me, the brownies always seem to speak louder than the dress. So how to I have the dress speak louder and not get discouraged and off plan when the scale doesn’t reflect the number I want?