Alcohol and the aftermath

I was doing great, down 6.5lbs in first 2 weeks and urges 95% reduced. I was feeling amazing, unstoppable! then had a work function with alcohol that I chose to partake in. The day itself was fine and I am happy at how I ate/drank knowing the scale would go up and that it would mostly be fluid. I even had a plan for the following day knowing the urges would be back in full force, I’d be hungover and how important it was to get straight back on track. I didn’t. It was like I reverted back to my pre June self in an instant, snacking all day long feeling powerless to stop myself. It lasted 2 days. I’ve gained 6lbs!!!!! I’m less upset about the weight and more disappointment that this cycle happens every time I drink alcohol, I know it’s coming and here I am again. I don’t want to give up alcohol forever but I also don’t want to fear it. I’m wondering if I should not drink for a few months to build my urge muscle and do more mental work so when I do introduce it I’m better equipped and closer/at goal weight?