Brooke’s Opinion

Nutshell- Thrilled to be part of Scholars- Finally.
Have not had a weight problem since college ( now 55 ). Very fortunate and grateful. I am a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, work out fiend, pretty controlled crazy healthy food intake- not perfect do like ice cream on occasion. Very routine with food, not an emotional eater (kinda opposite- stress makes it difficult to swallow). Drink alcohol very rarely- average would be twice per month 1-2 glasses per event.

Covid 19 happened, switched my in person mode of service to online. Body weight went up 5 lbs in a nano second. Brain freaked out. (“OMG- this is what others have said about post menopause”) Historically- I can fluctuate 2 to 3 lbs with season or vacations- usually weight returns to baseline after a few weeks of being back to life as normal.
During quarantine still worked out but not nearly as much as in the fitness studio (location of my private practice space).
Two important pieces of information about me
1) in high school and few years following had a eating disorder- was a ballerina- culturally induced stuff. Once I got away from that the eating disorder likewise resolved
2) In the past if I have made efforts to loose a few lbs. by decreasing food intake I gained instead (likely brain tornado) so learned years ago to not diet.

So….. my request of your opinion 1) Did my body go into some weird freak out as a result of being home?
2) I have joined 8 lbs down- shooting for 5lbs.- but should i have? its pretty different from the way I eat and prior to Covid my eating habits created the exact results I like. Lean, strong, liking the way I look and clothes fit. The reason I chose for doing 8 lbs. down is to get back to my happy number and because I am freaked out to think that my weight went up so fast. I obviously was eating more and exercise was less but it doesn’t seem commiserate with the result of 5 lbs. Did my body go into some weird freak out as a result of being home?

I also want the challenge. I want to go through it myself so I can be a better coach for my clients.