Hi Brooke, I am in week two of the lose 8lbs in June and already lost 4.5lbs, my urge jar is filling up and I am feeling so motivated that this is a lifestyle I can adopt for the rest of my life. What a AHA moment when I realized I did not need to eat any time I felt a hunger cue.
I have a question around cellulite–I am wondering how to reduce it on my body. I have questioned my own thoughts that the dimples on my body are somehow “bad” and am working towards loving every dimple. Despite knowing that I am worthy of love, cellulite and all, I do have a goal to reduce it as it became more pronounced as I gained weight from overeating for years. I am not in a rush and I don’t expect perfection. I am curious if you have any knowledge/expertise in this area on how to reduce it over time.
Thanks again for all you do (you are a GAME CHANGER! 🙂 )