Constipation and Intermittent Fasting?


Have any of your clients suffered from constipation as a result of IF?

I’ve been off sugar, flour, and processed food for over a year. For the past two months, I’ve eaten 2 meals during a 6-hour eating window (12-6) and last week I switched to 2 meals during a 4-hour eating window (12-4). At each meal, I eat 5-6 oz. of veggies, 3-4 oz. of protein (usually fish but sometimes poultry or eggs & hemp seeds), and 2-3T of MCT, avocado, or olive oil. The only condiments I use are vinegar and/or mustard. (I’m 5’3″, 140lbs.)

I like my schedule and meals (I have few cravings or hunger pains) but constipation has been an issue for me for a while now, which surprises me given how many veggies/fiber I’m eating.

Any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you!