Continuing with current protocol?

Dear Brooke
I’ve been staying at home since mid-March and the first two weeks my mind went crazy and I was eating and drinking whatever I felt like in the moment. Then in early April, I set a challenge for myself to get a grip and figure out a protocol that I could do at home with minimal shopping. I’ve been getting fruit and veggies delivered and making a lot of bean soups. And also having some nuts or avocado for fats. After 2 weeks, the weight started coming off and I’ve been losing about a half a pound to a pound each week. I have about 35 pounds to go. Part of me wants to stick with what’s working but another part wants me to tighten up the protocol and start intermittent fasting so the weight comes off faster. I’m thinking the idea of “go faster” isn’t necessarily a good thing. What are you recommending for people who are currently having slow but steady success?
Thank you!