Dedicated time to prepare food

Hi Brooke,
I’m looking forward to this month!
Three things I’ve struggled with:
1. often by the end of the day I don’t have the energy to make dinner. Sometimes my plan includes a recipe that takes an hour to prepare and I just am not motivated. I recall from SCS long ago that you have fairly simple meals. Would love to learn about them.
2. I like variety with food. The idea of eating the same things each day (which would help with #1 above) is not appealing to my brain.
3. I have teens at home who also like variety and have different tastes (one is vegetarian) which magnifies my prep work time needed to prepare.
I’d love to learn about how simple your food prep/meals are, are you the one cooking, do you make multiple things sometimes or do all 4 of you eat the same meals (especially dinner)?

Thanks so much!