Disappointed I lost weight- what?!

This morning I was down 2 lbs and immediately was disappointed. Why? Because last night I went off protocol and didn’t think I deserved to lose it. So fascinating. I did the TD and models, and just wanted to say that this month’s 8lb challenge has been such an eye opener, and only day 6!
1. When I get cranky about my protocol, I remind myself I MADE it up! Not a victim here.
2. Pampering my body thru minor things (time to do my nails, moisturize, pick out pretty earrings) is creating such a great re-connection between mind and body.
3. I learned to pay attention when my old punishment mindset appears. I’m glad I lost 2 lbs, and I look forward to what comes up when I mysteriously gain weight one day when I did stay on protocol. 🙂
Thank you for this Focused learning. Especially the reminders about being IN your body, and working with this wonderful vessel. We are becoming friends again.