Do Artificial Sweeteners Release Dopamine like Sugar?

I’ve been working on losing my desire for sugar and flour for a year. Been doing low-carb/keto type eating, and desire is getting less but I still DESIRE bread and baked treats, even though only have them occasionally. I found making Keto desserts now and then helpful to keep me on track with no sugar/flour. I made a keto dessert recipe last week with cream cheese, cottage cheese, whip cream and sugar free jello and strawberries. It was really good and I was excited I’d found a good dessert I “could” have. But as I ate I started noticing myself wanting more and more. I kept eating and had a hard time stopping. When I put it away I kept thinking about it. I had an epiphany that even though my body is getting the benefit of low-carb and my insulin isn’t being raised much, my BRAIN doesn’t know the difference?? I think I was getting the same dopamine hit from that dessert as a cupcake? It felt the same. So my question is, does artificial sweetener release dopamine the same way sugar does? is it POSSIBLE to get to no desire when we eat artificial sweetener? Or does that just keep the desire going? Is it possible to have joy eats of sweetness (real sugar or artificial) and get to no desire? Or is the only way to just not have ANY sweet until you’re at no desire?